Exhibitor Information

Successful Applicants Entitled to

  1. Exhibit space in the Japan Healthcare Venture Summit exhibition
  2. Participation in the Partnering system

The Following Types of Organization May Apply

  • Startup companies aiming to commercialize medical products/ devices, regenerative medicine products, etc.
  • Research organizations (universities, etc.) possessing undeveloped technology or products
  • Startups focusing on drug discovery technology platforms
  • Venture capital, financial institutions, and manufacturers/distributors of medical products/devices, regenerative medicine products, etc. providing (or looking to provide) support to medicine-related startups

Schedule (subject to change)

Oct. 7-31
Accepting applications
Early Sep.
Organizer contacts successful applicants
Sep. 15
Explanatory meeting held in Tokyo
Oct. 11-13
Japan Healthcare Venture Summit 2017